3 Practical Ways I Actively Nurture My Mental Health— and How YOU Can Too!

Mental Health Matters more than anything! Invest in it today to be the best you can be! What is one thing you want to do better? What is one way you would like to feel better? What is one thing you could do for yourself that you enjoy? -•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--•--• For today, I'm going to (1) [...]

What’s YOUR Reason— Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month… I feel there is no better time than this to begin my fundraising for the annual AFSP Charleston Area Out Of The Darkness Walk. Every year in October, my team (Beauty For Ashes) and I walk in support of research, better help, and Suicide awareness and prevention. Many of [...]

Crucial Mission- From A Survivor Of Suicide Loss

Granger would have been 32 today... Please share this message with anyone and everyone you can think of that needs to see this! -Kay Mess Things would've been alright, you know. Life could have gotten a whole lot better. Instead you believed lies in your head So now I write another useless letter. I loved [...]

Drive Carefully

He said, "Drive carefully". I said, "You too!" The problem here? He was the friendly fellow who had just finished loading my grocery order into my car in the pouring rain. He wasn't going anywhere. I was. And though my five-year-old quickly informed me that it was okay since he would obviously be driving home [...]