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♥️♥️♥️ Happy Tuesday and welcome to my brand new Mental Health blog website! But this will be SO MUCH MORE than just a blog website! It’s going to be a lifestyle. It’s going to be a place you can come and hopefully leave with a whole lot more than you came in with!

You see …to you this picture may just be a small picture of a lake with a quote…. but to me it’s so much more! 

You see, this was Atkins Boat Landing— my grandparents home and business. This was my childhood. This is grief and comfort and memories. This makes me homesick and nostalgic. I see a place I belong.

The pictured quote is one I wrote and have also painted. It is my personal interpretation of the meaning of mindfulness. It is a quote that is hung on the wall in my bedroom to remind me to be mindful each day. It’s a piece of my inspiration.

I combined the two… and for me, this picture is incredibly special.

You see, we each approach everything in life from a different point of reference. All points are unique. What one person feels, another can never fully understand. 

Those with similar points of reference have the ability to be connected in a special way. Connection is something we all need. It helps us get through this tough life.

I challenge you now to join me on this amazing journey I plan to lead with this site. This will be a place where we talk about all sorts of stigmatized topics. I’ll be sharing raw, real life— Videos, pictures, my personal story, things I’ve learned and still learn, and some very practical things that help along the way. Take a walk with me. Let’s talk! ♥️♥️♥️

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If all my suffering is meant to be used for good, then surely I’m supposed to share what I’m learning along this journey. Too much? No, just real. Authenticity is so much more attractive than all the superficial highlights we see plastered all over social media. Don’t get me wrong, I will surely share beauty, fun and tons of laughter... ...But I’ll also share the rest— the tears, the hurt, the darkest nights... because no one wants to feel alone in the dark. This journey is both broken and beautiful, terrifying and joyful, heart-breaking and life-giving. Take a walk with me. Let’s talk.

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    1. Thank you! I hope it does too. I hope that my being open and unashamed will help others to feel that they can do the same! ♥️


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