Drive Carefully

He said, “Drive carefully”. I said, “You too!” The problem here? He was the friendly fellow who had just finished loading my grocery order into my car in the pouring rain. He wasn’t going anywhere. I was. And though my five-year-old quickly informed me that it was okay since he would obviously be driving home later, I felt a bit awkward.

Awkward is no stranger to me. In fact, it’s a regular visitor in my life. I totally bring it on myself and I’ve grown to just lean in and embrace “awkward” because we’ve become pretty close over the last several years. Awkward isn’t something I think of as a negative.

There was a negative that came to mind though. He told me to drive carefully, meanwhile I wasn’t even listening, thinking, or talking carefully! I was just mindlessly responding on auto-pilot, running right into awkwardness.

My mind began to spin around as it likes to do; digging down further and dissecting the true meaning of the moment. I could have really started talking negatively to myself in that time, but I took those thoughts and applied them positively.

A few years ago, a fantastic counselor taught me all about mindfulness! The practice of being present in each moment, non-judgmentally, and letting it unfold. Be aware, pay attention, experience it. It’s very simple, but not easy. What is easy is auto-responses such as “you too” and walking through life

So today’s little seemingly insignificant moment was a reminder to me to pay attention on purpose. Take a deep breath. Look people in the eyes. Watch the kids playing. Listen when someone speaks. Think before I respond. And most importantly, don’t judge myself when I screw up!

Life can be so much better if we intentionally live it. If we really focus on each moment and take in all the small things. So here is my challenge for you right now– literally, right this moment:

Slowly take three really deep breaths…

Relax your jaw, eyes, and shoulders…

Forgive yourself if you’ve been on auto-pilot. Really, we all do it…

Now, drive carefully ♥️

Published by kaymessexpress

If all my suffering is meant to be used for good, then surely I’m supposed to share what I’m learning along this journey. Too much? No, just real. Authenticity is so much more attractive than all the superficial highlights we see plastered all over social media. Don’t get me wrong, I will surely share beauty, fun and tons of laughter... ...But I’ll also share the rest— the tears, the hurt, the darkest nights... because no one wants to feel alone in the dark. This journey is both broken and beautiful, terrifying and joyful, heart-breaking and life-giving. Take a walk with me. Let’s talk.

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