What’s YOUR Reason— Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month… I feel there is no better time than this to begin my fundraising for the annual AFSP Charleston Area Out Of The Darkness Walk.

Every year in October, my team (Beauty For Ashes) and I walk in support of research, better help, and Suicide awareness and prevention. Many of you know my personal reasons for being so passionate about raising awareness and supporting The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, but for those of you who don’t, I’d like to share a little with you.

After being married for close to 6 years, just over a week before my 25th birthday, I lost my first husband to suicide. His name was Granger. All who knew him loved him because of his positive energy and hilarious personality. When I lost him, I lost all hope.

In the blur that followed, I was diagnosed with PTSD, struggled hard every second of every day, sought after anything and everything to feel anything but pain, and behaved recklessly wishing for death. Nothing numbed enough. After trying everything I knew to cope, I decided I couldn’t. It was too hard. On that day, I made my plan. I’d be gone within 24 hours.

That very day, I found out that I had become pregnant with Liahna Hope… literally the ONLY thing that could have changed my mind. It was especially miraculous because I was previously told I was infertile after many failed fertility treatments.

Still, in the midst of a miracle, I was furious. I HAD to live and that thought alone was terrifying.

My close to 7 1/2 year journey has been one filled with grief, battles, grace, and hope. I’ve fought and climbed only by God holding me up. God used liahna to save my life so that I could boldly advocate. This year, our Charleston Walk falls on her birthday 🤯 Talk about confirmation!

I ask that you support this invaluable mission through donation, walking in support, sharing this post, or prayer. Every single bit of support helps save lives. Thank you all for supporting me through my journey and helping to raise awareness! ❤️


Published by kaymessexpress

If all my suffering is meant to be used for good, then surely I’m supposed to share what I’m learning along this journey. Too much? No, just real. Authenticity is so much more attractive than all the superficial highlights we see plastered all over social media. Don’t get me wrong, I will surely share beauty, fun and tons of laughter... ...But I’ll also share the rest— the tears, the hurt, the darkest nights... because no one wants to feel alone in the dark. This journey is both broken and beautiful, terrifying and joyful, heart-breaking and life-giving. Take a walk with me. Let’s talk.

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